8 Calming Prayers for a Safe Cesarean Delivery

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Emma

Making a birth plan for our first child, was the most ridiculous thing my husband and I ever did. We discussed pain medications and who would be allowed in the room. We focused on how to tell our mothers it would be just the two of us, instead of trying to ask God to guide us through his plan. I was terrified to give birth and I don’t think any of the planning actually helped.

When I was 34 weeks pregnant I developed preeclampsia. I got admitted to the hospital and we were told that I would not be leaving until our first child was born. It did not take long for someone to explain that our child would be coming as soon as possible. I labored for 24 hours before a Cesarean was ordered. My body was not willing to give birth so early.

I was on a lot of medication for my first Cesarean, so I do not remember much of it, but I do remember the two that followed. I think now about all the missed opportunities to ask our Lord for peace. I was so stressed out during my second and third Cesarean, I encourage you to remember to ask for God during that time. I believe it would have made my experience so much better.

John 14:27 teaches that our Lord, gives us peace through all situations, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be trouble and do not be afraid” I encourage you to pray for peace today throughout your whole birthing experience. Let God guide you through the birth of your child.

If you have any specific Safe Cesarean Delivery prayer requests, please leave them below in the comments!

Quick Prayer for Safe Cesarean Delivery:

Dear Lord, I am about to begin a very intensive abdominal surgery to give birth to my child.

Lord, I ask that you are with me through my cesarean delivery.

Lord, I ask that you guide my child from my womb and fill their lungs with air.

Lord, I ask that you let the doctors have a smooth opening and closing process.

Thank you, Lord for giving me this option to deliver my baby. Help us both get through this process safely. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Quick Prayer for Safe Emergency Cesarean Delivery:

Dear Lord, I have been told that myself and my baby need an Emergency Cesarean Delivery. Lord, this was not in my birth plan, help me let go and give in to your will. Lord help me have peace with this decision.

Allow myself and my child to be surrounded by doctors who know how to help us, Lord. Guide them to make the best decisions for us both. Father, I pray for myself and my baby. Protect us through this process, Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Quick Epidural Before Cesarean Delivery:

Dear Lord, I am about to get an epidural and I need you to surround me in your peace.

Father, calm my nerves as I prepare to meet my child. Help me sit still Lord, so the Anesthesiologist only has to do one epidural.

Father, guide the anesthesiologist to the correct spot. I ask that you make the first placement perfect, Lord. I ask that you allow this medicine to numb my body from the waist down. Help this medication get my child into the world safely, Lord.

Lord, I ask that you allow me the ability to be awake during my Cesarean Delivery. I ask that you bless this epidural to be all my body needs for delivery. Father, help me get the perfect amount of medication, where I will not be in pain, but I am also able to hold my child after they are born.

Father I ask that you bless the anesthesiologist, help them stay aware of my levels. Allow them to know exactly what to do to help my body through this Cesarean Delivery. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Safe Cesarean Delivery:

Dear Lord, I ask for safety today during my Cesarean Delivery. I ask that you protect me and my child, Lord. Help us get through this delivery, Lord.

Father I ask that you guide the doctors as they perform the Cesarean. I ask that you show them the right places to cut. I ask that you guide them as they move aside my organs and abdominal to get to my child.

Lord, help the doctor’s see the exact point they need to use to get my child from my uterus. Ensure that my child comes out of my body completely unharmed, Lord.

Father I ask that you bring my child up from my womb safely. Lord, help my baby scream. Help all of the fluid from my child’s lungs be released, Lord. Let the sound of my child’s cries fill the room in your glory.

Father, I ask that my child be weighed and cleaned quickly. Lord, help the nurses get my baby to my arms as fast as possible. Allow me a moment of joy when I first meet my little one, Lord. Bless me to know how much you love me in that moment, Father.

Thank you for being with my family during this pregnancy, Lord. We cannot wait to meet the person you have selected especially for us. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Safely Closing Cesarean Delivery:

Lord, I ask that you help the doctors put my body back together.

Father, guide them in stitching back up my uterus.

Help the doctors remove any scar tissue that may be there, Lord.

Lord, I ask that you guide the doctors to put my organs, back in the right place. I ask that every muscle in my body is put back just the way you created it to be.

Father, I ask that when they are closing my body, that they do it with care and ease. Help the doctors see me as a person and a new mom, who is dealing with a difficult time, Lord.

I ask that the doctors not need me to be away from my baby during this process, Lord. That I am blessed to hold my new born as soon as possible. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Safely Walking after Cesarean Delivery:

Father, you have gotten me to the finish line of this process. Lord, it is time to stand up and I need your support.

Father give my legs and stomach stability. Lord, give me your strength as I make my body move so soon after surgery.

Lord, I ask that you give me a safe place to practice walking. I ask that you give me the time I need to practice walking. I ask that you move me as much as possible before I am sent home, Lord. Help me build up my ability so I can be successful at home.

Father, allow my husband the ability to settle and calm our child while I walk. Give me the time I need to heal, Lord. Watch over our child during this time.

Lord, please remind me to give myself grace as I move around. Remind me that my body just went through a major abdominal surgery, Lord. Please give me the grace I need to get through these next couple of weeks. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Pain after Safe Cesarean Delivery:

Father, my body just did a miraculous thing by delivering my child, but it is now surrounded by pain. Lord, I ask that you take this pain away from my body. I ask that you let me release it, Lord.

Father, I know that I am on medications, but I am still surrounded by this unsettled pain. Lord, help me get through this, help me overcome what has been put in front of me.

I know there is an end to this pain, Lord. I know there will be a time very soon that I will stand and walk around without thinking of my cesarean delivery. Help me get to that point, Lord.

I ask that you hold my hand through this, Lord. I ask that you care for me in the same way I am caring for my newborn. Father, help those around me help me through this. Guide me to let others help when they can. Push me to accept assistance when it comes.

Thank you for not leaving me alone, Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Wife and Baby after Safe Cesarean Delivery:

Dear Lord, I pray for my wife and new child during this time. Lord, you have gifted our family with a new child and we are so grateful. Thank you for providing us with the opportunities to have both my wife and child through this experience.

Father, I ask that you watch over our family during this transition. The cesarean delivery has been hard on my wife’s recovery. Father, help me be the best partner I can be. Help me be there for my wife, to help her heal. Allow me to help take care of our new child, Lord, in every way that I possibly can.

Lord, you have made me a Father. Show me how to bless my wife and new child with unconditional love, just like you have given to me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Concluding Thoughts:

I pray that you give yourself grace during your time of healing and that all your medical tests show only positive progress.

I pray that you are proud of the way you brought your child into the world. Remind yourself that you are a worrier. God made you to be able to overcome your cesarean delivery and safely deliver a baby into this world. He made you to be the prefect mother to your newborn. You are doing a great job and you’ll continue to do a good job as you raise a Godly child.

Philippians 4:13 reads “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”, I pray you continue to lean on God’s strength through your healing process. He is with you and proud of the gift you have brought into this world. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

If you have any specific safe cesarean delivery prayers, please leave them in the comments below.