7 Hope-Filled Prayers for Sobriety

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Need to stay sober?  Are you at risk of losing your sobriety? These seven hope-filled prayers for sobriety are for you.  Use whichever one you need to use right now.  When we admit we have no power over our addiction, we need prayer for strength. When we can’t manage our lives, prayer helps turn us … Read more

5 Prayers for Husbands Addicted to Substances

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Marriage is a beautiful promise full of love and hope for the future, but it can also come with struggles that cannot be foreseen. Temptations surround us in our everyday life, and it does not take much for those temptations to become addictions. In 1 Corinthians 10:13-14 the Bible teaches us that “No temptation has … Read more

5 Direct Prayers For a Daughter With Addiction

Is your daughter addicted and in need of prayer? There are many causes people become addicted. And you probably know of someone who is now in recovery from an addiction.  If you need specific advice, please see SAMHSA’s website. Yet, right now, it’s your daughter that is addicted and you don’t know what to do.  As … Read more

13 Powerful Prayers to Stop Smoking

Searching for prayers to stop smoking?  Do you need spiritual strength to resist the urge to smoke? Although nearly 31 million people in America are smoking, 70% of those people want to quit smoking. Perhaps you are one of those 70%.  Perhaps you have tried to stop smoking before and couldn’t do it.  Maybe you … Read more

8 Desperate Prayers For Gambling Addiction

Do you have a gambling addiction and need to pray about it?  Do you know someone with a gambling addiction and want to pray for them? We’re glad you came to this site and we invite you to call 1-800-522-4700 for professional help in this matter. Although more men than women struggle with gambling addiction, … Read more

7 Tender Prayer For Addicted Friend

Watching a friend struggle with addiction can be very heartbreaking. On the outside, it can be so frustrating to see a loved one turn to things that are destroying them. It can seem like the answer to their constant suffering is so obvious—just quit. But for our friends who are trapped in addiction, the solution … Read more

6 Supportive Prayers For Shopping Addiction

In a world filled with endless shopping opportunities, it’s easy to become ensnared by the allure of material possessions. The pursuit of new gadgets, fashionable clothing, and the latest trends can lead us down a treacherous path toward shopping addiction. The joy derived from acquiring these items is often temporary and fleeting, leaving us with … Read more

6 Tender Prayers For Opioid Addiction

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In today’s world, the battle against opioid addiction rages on, leaving countless lives shattered in its wake. The allure of temporary relief from pain or distress often draws individuals into the deceptive trap of opioids, ensnaring them in a seemingly unbreakable cycle of dependency. But as we face the daunting reality of this epidemic, we … Read more