Prayers For Your Sister-In-Law 

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The New Testament teaches us that Jesus performed 37 miracles between his baptism and his crucifixion. Out of those 37 miracles, 27 of those miracles are his healing or cleansing of an individual.  Mathew 8:14-15 reads “When Jesus came into Peter’s house, he saw Peter’s mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever. He touched her … Read more

7 Healing Prayers For Your Brother-in-Law

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Oftentimes, when a loved one becomes ill or suffers something traumatic, we try to think of ways we can help our loved one get better. Prayer isn’t always our first thought in times of trial, but it is our most powerful tool. The best thing you can do for your brother-in-law is pray for his … Read more

6 Tender Prayers For a Grandmother Who Died

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If your grandmother has passed away, then these six tender prayers will be helpful to you as you seek to pray about your loss. As you read this, please accept our condolences for the passing of your grandmother.  Any death in a family is tragic and deeply emotional, but grandmothers hold a special place in … Read more

6 Heartfelt Prayers For an Absent Father

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Did you know that 1 in 4 children live without a father in the home, in the United States? This means there is no biological or adoptive father, nor a stepfather.  Perhaps you are in a household without a father present. Just as mothers play a unique role in the life of a child, so … Read more

4 Heartfelt Prayers for Father of the Bride

The excitement mounts for everyone as the young lady approaches her wedding. But what mixed emotions are happening for the father of the bride during his little girl’s big day? You may be the father of the bride struggling to find the words to talk to God on this big day or you may want … Read more

6 Loving Prayers for the Mother of the Bride

It’s the bride’s big day and her mom is full of many emotions. This is the day the mother of the bride could use prayer.  The mom’s little girl is going to walk the aisle to be wed to the man that God placed into her life. But for the lady that gave birth to … Read more