4 Heartfelt Prayers for a Pastor Leaving

4 heartfelt prayers for a pastor leaving 652574902405a

Your pastor is leaving your church.  You have a swirl of emotions as you heard the news. What will happen to the church?  Who will the new pastor be and when will they be here?  What are you supposed to say to the pastor, to their family?  Is there something to do? One thing you … Read more

6 Sincere Prayers for Starting a Bible Study

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Are you hosting a Bible study and need to pray to start it?  Have you been asked to begin a Bible study with prayer? Is there a certain way to pray to begin a Bible study? You can simply pray for guidance and direction to begin.  You can also use any of these six sincere … Read more

6 Caring Prayers For Closing a Bible Study

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Do you need to close a Bible study with a prayer?  Not sure what to pray? We’ve created these six caring prayers for you to use to end a Bible study in prayer.  Choose the situation that best fits you and pray!  You are welcome to modify the details in the prayer to suit your … Read more

5 Caring Prayers For a Priest Leaving the Parish

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Is your priest leaving your parish?  Do you need to pray about your priest and his departure from your parish? You may have many questions running through your mind as you absorb this information.  What will happen to your parish and all of its ministries during the transition?  Who will the new priest be and … Read more

8 Hopeful Prayers For Choir Practice Or Rehearsal

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Do you need to pray about choir practice or rehearsal? Are you uncertain as to what to pray before or after a choir rehearsal? Let these eight hopeful prayers for a choir rehearsal be of help to you. I might not have covered every situation around a choir rehearsal, but the sample prayers below can … Read more

9 Useful Prayers For A Prayer Service

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Will you be leading a prayer service and need to know how to start and finish it? Do you need a useful prayer to help you engage in a prayer service? Let these nine examples of prayers found below be helpful tools for you to pray. You can use the prayers as they are written, … Read more

8 Trusting Prayers For A Mission Trip

We have a great commission from our Lord to share the good news and to teach them to follow after God.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. … Read more