6 Grateful Prayers for a New Home

You’ve bought a new home and you’re thankful.  Why not lift a prayer of gratitude for what God has provided? There can be so much stress surrounding finding, buying, closing and moving into a new home.  Lay your burdens down to God in prayer and let the peace of this scriptural truth surround you, “By … Read more

6 Frustration-Lessening Prayers for Plumbing Problems

You can pray about your plumbing problems, for there’s nothing outside of God’s scope of caring for you and your life. We don’t really think about the plumbing and pipes and toilets in our home until something goes wrong.  But now, something has gone awry.  Water and waste aren’t going where they need to go.  … Read more

7 Surrendering Prayers for Home Repairs

When you own a home, whether it’s a new home or old, repairs sometimes feel constant. Unfortunately, when dealing with tangible materials, repairs are inevitable! Home repairs can be stressful for a variety of reasons. Finances and time are probably two of the biggest stressors. My sister recently needed her back deck redone because it was … Read more

8 Grateful Prayers For Dinner

This invitation to taste and see is one that extends far beyond the confines of our dinner plates. Just as we savor the flavors of our meal, we are called to experience the goodness of God in every aspect of our lives. His goodness surrounds us; it is evident in the beauty of creation, the … Read more

4 Trusting Prayers For Abundant Harvest

As I was speaking with a friend she mentioned the rain and the lack of rain we have been having. I thought of my dry grass and pathetic garden how. I thought about how I should water them when I got home. But she had other concerns on her mind.  She had a bigger view … Read more

5 Trusting Prayers For Buying Property

What an exciting time in your life when you are ready to buy property and set down roots. It can also be a time that can be overwhelming and scary. These are perfect times to go to God in prayer.  God knows how important property is. It allows us to feel secure and at home. … Read more