Does Everyone Deserve to be Prayed For?

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Asking if everyone deserves to be prayed for is a legitimate question.  The answer may be more revealing and personal than expected.  We need to consider our motives when praying for someone else.  It’s more about the “why” than the “who.” People who may not deserve prayer in our opinion may very well be the … Read more

Do I Have to Pray Out Loud?

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Prayer can be such a personal experience that you may wonder if you always have to pray out loud.  Can you pray silently, or “in your head?”  Does God still hear your prayer if you don’t speak the words with your mouth?  Is praying out loud better than praying silently or quietly? These are all … Read more

How Does God Answer Prayers? (Does He Answer Them All?)

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Looking for answers about prayer? Does God answer all prayers?  Does God answer prayers immediately?  Does God always answer prayers or sometimes not? These and other similar questions are legitimate and valid questions to ask, even necessary at times. Prayer is such a personal act yet can be touched with some mystery as well. When … Read more

Should I Feel Physical Sensations While Praying?

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Have you ever felt hot or cold while praying?  Or experienced goosebumps, a tingling feeling, chills, or warmth in your body as you prayed? It’s not unusual to have these physical sensations in the midst of prayer but you may be curious as to what a physical experience has to do with a spiritual act.  … Read more

How to Pray With a Toddler

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If you are a new parent or have a couple of toddlers in your family, you may wonder how to pray with your child or your very young children.  You may even wonder if it’s okay for them to pray their own prayers to God. What would they say?  How do you go about teaching … Read more

How Often Should I Pray?

How Often Should I Pray

We may ask ourselves:  How can I pray continually if I have to drive my car, or go to sleep?  If I’m not praying all the time, am I a bad Christian?  Am I not spiritual enough? These and many other questions may come to mind as we consider:  How often should I pray? The … Read more