8 Bedtime Prayers for Anxiety

8 bedtime prayers for

I know what it feels like to lay awake at night lost in thoughts of worry and fear. I have always known this feeling, but when my children came the feeling became so overpowering, that I spent countless hours crying for reasons I could not verbally explain. I want you to know that you are … Read more

7 Healing Prayers for a Narcissist

Do you know someone who’s self-centered and lacks empathy? Do they have such extreme self-involvement that they’re ignoring the needs of those around them? If any of this sounds familiar then you could be dealing with a narcissist. Narcissism, depending on the severity, can actually be a mental health disorder. Some people may just have … Read more

8 Persistent Prayers to Be in The Present Moment

Are you wanting to be more fully present with your family?  Do you need to pray about enjoying the present moment? With so much happening in our lives, it can be difficult to be fully present in the current moment.  We may be distracted with thoughts about all that happened yesterday or just in the … Read more

6 Powerful Prayers for Positive Thinking

Searching for a prayer to have positive thinking?  Need to pray for good thoughts? These six powerful prayers are for you.  The fact that you are taking a step to think more positively is a good sign in and of itself.  By bringing that desire to God in prayer underscores how important this is for … Read more

100+ Hopeful & Simple Prayers for Depression


Anxiety and depression are on the rise and prevalent in most people’s lives whether they are suffering or someone they know. Prayer isn’t a Band-Aid for depression, but it is crucial to pray for those suffering from depression! I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life. What started as perfectionism eventually turned into … Read more

6 Helpful Prayers For Being Flexible And Adaptable

People of every age struggle on some level with change. As a young girl working at a nursing home, I recognized that even after a lifetime of dealing with change these older residents still struggled with it. So how do we become more flexible and adaptable? We must first start with prayer. It is important … Read more

14 Calming Prayers For Anxiety

Do you need to pray about your anxiety or worry?  Are you looking for prayers to calm your anxious thoughts? Let this scripture be a mindful focus for you, even in this moment.  Try saying it out loud a couple of times to reinforce its truth within you.  Your eyes will see it; your mouth … Read more

6 Hopeful Prayers For Insomnia

It’s around 4 a.m. as I write this, so I think I can help you with prayers for your insomnia. If you’re reading this then you are having problems with not being able to go to sleep or stay asleep.  I, like you, am among the one in three adults who suffer from insomnia symptoms … Read more

7 Gentle Prayers for Eating Disorders

After running competitively for 10 years I’m no stranger to the world of eating disorders. They are vicious illnesses that overtake the minds and bodies of wonderful people who believe they aren’t enough in the body God has given them. Let us all pray for those who are suffering from eating disorders. In Division 1 … Read more