12 Prayers For A School Board Meeting

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School board meetings involve many different groups of people all concerned about education:  students, parents, administrators, and the board members themselves. Emotions can run high in some cases, while in other situations, the decisions made create significant ripples in the community. Conflicts can be handled peacefully, and everyone can have a chance to be heard, so … Read more

6 Soul-Strengthening Prayers for a Daughter Graduating

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Your daughter is graduating.  How did time move so fast?  She was crawling, learning her ABC’s and graduating preschool just yesterday, it seems, doesn’t it? At whatever point in life she is leaving and moving to the next, you can be assured she will always be your daughter.  As you pray for her, your heart … Read more

8 Powerful Prayers For Good Grades

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It would be impressive to get good grades without even trying! Imagine if you could just say a prayer and then get good grades.  Unfortunately, it is not that simple. That’s because prayer isn’t magic. Prayer is simply having a conversation with God.  And good grades are not easy to get. That’s why starting with … Read more

7 Prayers for Preschool Graduation

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As a previous preschool teacher. I find a lot of importance in Preschool Graduation. As a teacher those moments were filled with teaching songs, making graduation caps, and writing names on little diplomas. At the time I never left the constant cycle, of watching children go from hesitant little ones, to “Kindergarten ready”. It wasn’t … Read more

12 Prayers for Parents and Students During Orientation

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School orientation marks the beginning of a new chapter in a many people’s lives. For students it can be the perfect time to start over in a new environment, or pick up a new hobby. For parents it marks your child getting another year older, and exploring their new growth. Whether you are a parent … Read more

6 Helpful Prayers for PTA Meetings

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PTA Meetings are a great way to keep in communication with others about school events and programs.  To ensure the meeting goes smoothly it’s great to have some prayers planned out to set the focus on Christ and how He will guide the school board throughout the year.  In the post there will be various … Read more

4 Effective Prayers For Passing a Driving Test

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Concerned about an upcoming driving test and want to pray, but aren’t sure what to pray? Let one of these four prayers be of help to you before you take the test.  Whether you’re a teenager about to get your first driver’s license, an experienced driver needing a solid pass because of new restrictions, or … Read more

7 Focused Prayers for School Administration

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The administration of a school takes a lot of work and having the right people in the right positions.  The people in those positions are referred to by many names: principal, administrator, headmaster (usually only at private schools), assistant principal, or the leadership. They may report to a school board or a school system superintendent, … Read more

6 Simple Prayers For an Online Class

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Do you have an online class coming up soon?  Are you concerned about problems with accessing the online class? Have you considered praying about it? “Why would I bother God with something small like whether I can log on to my online class today?” you might ask.  And I would encourage you to consider why … Read more

5 Guiding Graduation Prayers For Your Son

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When does our son become a man? Traditionally we set it at a certain age; 13, 18, or maybe 21. Sometimes it is marked by achievements or life decisions that make us begin to see our sons as men. Graduation is one of those achievements. Graduating from school, military training or a program marks the … Read more