5 Prayers For My Husband To Love Me Again

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It can be exceptionally hard to fight for your husband’s love and intimacy when the effort isn’t reciprocated. As women, we crave the intimacy and affection of our husbands, and if they are not extending it, we tend to feel hurt and even at times a bit rejected. I encourage you to fight in prayer … Read more

6 Heart-Warming Prayers for a Wedding Anniversary

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Seeking a special prayer for a wedding anniversary? Feel free to explore the selection of prayers provided to find the perfect match for your occasion. You’re also encouraged to personalize any of the six suggested prayers to suit a specific anniversary year or other unique aspects of your celebration. A wedding is a joyful event, … Read more

11 Tender Bedtime Prayers for Couples

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Remember bedtime prayers? Did you know you can have bedtime prayers as an adult? As a married couple? Yes, you can! Praying as a couple at bedtime allows you to end each day together, united in relationship with God. You can use this time of prayer to unburden yourself from the worries of the day … Read more

7 Thankful Prayers For My Wife

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Want to give thanks for your wife?  Need a prayer of gratitude concerning your wife? These seven prayers of thankfulness will help you pray to God about your wife through a variety of situations.  While there are only seven prayers listed here, you may think of other prayers you could pray about your spouse.  As … Read more

8 Bold Prayers to Expose Lies

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Did you know that lying regularly leads to higher blood pressure, increased stress hormones in the bloodstream and other physical problems?  Is it any wonder that you would want to pray to expose lies? These eight bold prayers to expose lies center around the main areas in our life and society.  You are welcome to … Read more

11 Honest Prayers For a Girlfriend

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Do you need to pray for a girlfriend? There are girlfriend relationships that are romantic in nature, whether as a teenager, college student, or as an adult.  There are also relationships with girls who are friends, buddies, or pals.  Did you know that there are health benefits to having a girlfriend? We deal with finding girlfriends, … Read more