7 Direct Prayers for Auto Mechanics

Do you want to pray for your auto mechanic?  Are you an auto mechanic and need to pray? These seven direct prayers for auto mechanics can be of help to you.  For whatever reason you find yourself on this prayer page for mechanics, you can use any of these prayers to communicate with God about … Read more

7 Caring Prayers For Hair Stylists and Barbers

Do you want to pray for your hairstylist?  Are you a barber or hair stylist and want to pray for your clients? These seven caring prayers can be used by a client praying for the person taking care of their hair, or by the person doing the styling and cutting of hair.  You are encouraged … Read more

12 Enduring Prayers For Actors and Artists

Searching for a prayer for an actor or actress?  Want to pray for an artist you know? You may find these 12 enduring prayers for actors, actresses, and artists to be helpful for you.  Creative people who give their all to their craft can use your prayers as they do what they do.  Perhaps you … Read more

9 Positive Prayers for a Job You Really Want

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Not every job you have is your dream job. Sometimes you have to work places you don’t necessarily want to for family stability, financial security, or other various reasons. Maybe you need a better job to become available or maybe you’ve already applied for your dream job. Either way, it’s important to invite God into … Read more

6 Encouraging Prayers For Auditions

Praying for your upcoming audition. These prayers will guide you beyond just praying for what you want. God gives us desires yes. But He has also created us for something bigger than the auditions we will face on this earth.  We hope these prayers bring you closer to the God who knows everything about you, … Read more

8 Loving Prayers For The Babysitter/Nanny

Being a nanny is humble work. It’s right and good that you pray for the nanny in your life. There will be many days when they feel lost, exhausted, and frustrated. Their job will not earn them a promotion or prestige but they are valuable to your family. They will deeply impact your children and … Read more

4 Gentle Prayers For Nursing Homes

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My great-grandma was in a nursing home for 9 years before she passed away. I don’t remember much about it, but I know it was an extremely challenging experience for my family. Since then, it’s been ingrained in my family to pray for those in nursing homes. My grandma has dementia and is now in … Read more