14 Powerful Prayers for Rebellious Teenagers

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Teenage rebellion can be defined as acting out of the status norm, resisting authoritative figures, or breaking rules that have been given to them. I do believe that most teenagers have some form of rebellious behaviors, but there are also very different levels to that behavior. The Bible teaches expectations for all of us. Proverbs … Read more

9 Bedtime Prayers for Teens

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Being a teenager is hard and complicated. It is an emotional roller coaster, filled with discovering who God has made you to be. I think it is very important to keep God close to your heart during this time in your life. The world will be giving you every opportunity to turn away from him, … Read more

15 Prayers For Tweens

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Well, you have a tween in your life, me too. This season can be very frustrating and confusing for them and us. They are growing and so are their experiences, emotions, and their reactions. Many parents will start to see the rebellious side of their tweens and future teens coming out. Over the past several … Read more