8 Life-Changing Prayers for Stolen Items to be Returned

8 life changing prayers for stolen items to be returned 6533d5727feda

Stolen.  Someone has taken what belongs to you.  You feel angry frustrated and helpless.  Especially if this was a big item like a newer car or other major purchase. A host of swirling emotions fill your mind.  Can you pray for stolen items to be recovered?  Yes, you can.  But you may not even know … Read more

11 Prayers for Building a New House

11 prayers for building a new house 6533d56c152ed

My family has been blessed to live in three different states over the past ten years. During that time, we have had two different opportunities to watch a home be built from the ground up. My husband knew what we were getting into, but I had no idea. Both homes we built ran into the … Read more