6 Anxiety-Reducing Prayers for New Drivers

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Searching for prayers for your new driver?  Have a newly licensed teen driver and experiencing some anxiety or worry? You’ve arrived at a good place to unburden yourself in prayer.  The prayers below are to help you get started in communicating with God.  You may find that as you pray these prayers for a new … Read more

7 Powerful Prayers for Motorcycle Riders

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The motorcycle rider stereotype is not always looked at in a positive light. As with all stereotypes, it represents a very small section of a group and more commonly is not true. I have greatly enjoyed researching how motorcycle riders share their faith. There are groups of individuals who use their motorcycles to help stranded … Read more

8 Powerful Prayers for Safe Travel for Loved Ones

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Want safe travel for your loved ones?  Searching for the right prayer to pray?  Here are eight powerful prayers you can pray for your family when they travel.  These are representative of the loved ones in your life.  You can add to any of the prayers to suit your situation or family relationship. Whether it’s … Read more

4 Honest Prayers for a New Car

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Searching for prayers about a new car?  Wondering if it’s okay to pray for a new car? You can use these four honest prayers for a new car with ease and confidence.  Whatever your situation is regarding a new car, these prayers are a valid way of praying about it.  We can pray to God … Read more

5 Helpful Prayers For Safe Driving

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Do you have anxiety about driving safely?  Are you concerned with travelling safely shortly? Will you let this site be of help to you with these five helpful prayers for safe driving?  The prayers below, (and others on this site, covering many areas of life) are for you.  You can pray the prayers just as … Read more

8 Focused Prayers About Car Repair

Do you need to pray about a car repair?  Are you wanting to pray about finding a mechanic? Although there is nothing in the Bible about automobiles or auto repairs (because they didn’t exist in biblical times), we can find a hint about the need to have things repaired when needed. A king by the … Read more

7 Powerful Prayers for Car Protection

Distracted driving is easy to come by these days. Many of us have too much on our plates and find our minds wandering as we go from one place to the next. We try our best to be focused on the road and keep watch for other dangers as we drive. However, accidents happen. Not … Read more

12 Encouraging Prayers For Airplane Flights

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Are you looking for a prayer to pray as you go on an airplane flight?  Do you need to pray before you fly? There are a dozen encouraging prayers here for you to choose from and use as you see fit. You can easily alter the wording to suit your specific circumstances, of course. If … Read more

8 Encouraging Prayers For Moving Away

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Concerned about having to move away from where you live now?  Do you need to pray about it and are not sure where to begin? There are many reasons for why people have to move away.  Any of them are worthy of lifting to God in prayer. You may need to pray specifically about moving … Read more