9 Prayers For A Successful Event

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In both our personal and professional lives, it is not uncommon that we find ourselves either planning or anticipating an upcoming event. Whether it is an important business meeting, a presentation, a wedding, or anything in between, it is vital that we pray for the planning process and the event itself. It is also just … Read more

4 Endearing Prayers for a Class Reunion

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Have a class reunion coming up soon?  Experiencing conflicting emotions about attending the class reunion? Whether you are excited about seeing old friends or nervous about how you’ll be viewed at your class reunion, these four prayers can be of help to you. A reunion is a time when classmates who may not have seen … Read more

9 Prayers for Competition

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There are plenty of levels to being a competitive person. No matter what your level of competitiveness is, there is something special about being a part of something and working hard to compete as a team or for a personal goal. I competed on a team in high school, but I know the same drive … Read more

5 Prayers For a Flag-Raising Ceremony

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Been asked to pray at a flag-raising ceremony?  Wondering what to pray before or after a group raises a flag? These five sincere prayers can help you pray before or after a flag-raising ceremony at your school or in the community. Whether you’ve been asked to pray at a ceremony to raise a flag at … Read more

5 Heartfelt Prayers For A Going Away Party

One of the most difficult parts about being a Christian is being open to God’s call for your life. God often calls us out of our comfort zone. He might be asking you to volunteer at a homeless shelter, join a Bible study, or change careers. Whether you’re the one leaving or it’s someone close … Read more

8 Joyful Prayers for a Good Retreat

I was a campus minister on a college campus for 3.5 years so I’ve helped plan and attended my fair share of retreats. There is so much prep work that goes on for retreats that no one knows about, but the most important part is praying for a good retreat! What makes a good retreat? … Read more

9 Closing Prayers For School Events or Activities

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Are you searching for closing prayers for a school event?  Have you been asked to say a prayer to close a school activity and aren’t sure what to pray? Allow this website, and this article specifically, to be of help to you.  We’ve written nine closing prayers for a school event that you can choose … Read more

7 Helpful Prayers For A Wedding Shower

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Wedding showers are a great time to celebrate the upcoming commitment that two people will make to one another. They are usually filled with familiar faces, cakes, and presents. Sometimes even a game or two.    Freely you have received; freely give. (Matthew 10:08 NKJV) You have been asked to pray during this event and … Read more

10 Supportive Prayers For A Football Game

Do you need to pray before an upcoming football game?  Feel like praying before you play a football game? When we ourselves, or perhaps our children, engage in competitive sports, we can easily get drawn into the urge to pray to God so “we can win!” But, we will do better in our prayer journey … Read more