5 Hope-Filled Prayers For A Better Tomorrow

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Looking for hope?  Hoping for a better tomorrow than you had today? These five prayers can be of help to you.  Whether you have been praying for a number of years, or you are new to praying and not sure what to do, use the prayers below to guide you.  Prayer is simply talking to … Read more

7 Bold Prayers to End Violence and Hatred

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Another act of violence is in the news.  Another act of hatred has happened.  When will it end? How many more thoughts and prayers can we think and pray?  As many as it takes, for we believe in a God who hears all prayers and is at work in many ways which we cannot see, … Read more

12 Encouraging Prayers for a Better Month

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Hoping this month is better than the last?  Want a new month to be a new start? These 12 encouraging prayers are set for you to use at the beginning of each month of the year.  Each month represents its own challenge, as well as its own opportunities.  While I mention general events or possible … Read more

5 Tender Prayers for a Peaceful Death

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Is a loved one facing the end of life soon?  Curious about how to pray about their passing? When a family member or dear friend is approaching the end of their life, it can be difficult to know what to pray for, or how to pray. What do you do?  The person you love and … Read more

6 Soothing Prayers for All to Go Well

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Needing a prayer for all to go well in your day?  Looking for how to pray for everything to go as planned today? No one wakes up and says, “I’d like for things to go badly today.”  We all seek to have good days but we all want a better tomorrow.  We want our schedule … Read more

7 Strong Prayers For Breaking Bad Habits

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Do you have a bad habit that you want to stop?  Are you in need of prayer to help you break your bad habit? Bad habits don’t begin suddenly.  They usually start with something simple and build from there.  And while no one is perfect, don’t we want to live our lives more in tune … Read more

6 Confident Prayers to Accomplish Dreams and Goals

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Are you looking for how to pray about accomplishing your dreams and goals in life? Are you unsure as to where to begin? We invite you to use the prayers written here.  These six confident prayers to accomplish goals and dreams allow you to give voice to the desires of your heart with God.  We … Read more

5 Powerful Prayers For a Lost Soul

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You’ve clicked on a website to pray for a lost soul.  You may feel the burden of wanting someone you know to be saved through Jesus Christ. Where do you start?  How do you pray?  What should you pray? With any of these five powerful prayers for a lost soul, you can begin to pray … Read more

6 Solid Prayers For Self-Discipline

Are you wanting more self discipline in your life?  Do you want to pray about self-discipline? You can make use of these six solid prayers for self-discipline to help you in your spiritual journey.  They are written for common concerns that arise when we deal with self-discipline.  You can pray these prayers as they are … Read more