12 Prayers For A School Board Meeting

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School board meetings involve many different groups of people all concerned about education:  students, parents, administrators, and the board members themselves.

Emotions can run high in some cases, while in other situations, the decisions made create significant ripples in the community. Conflicts can be handled peacefully, and everyone can have a chance to be heard, so no one feels left out.

Given that the school board is typically comprised of fellow people in the community, it is vital to seek to maintain good relationships. Ending a school board meeting with prayer is a good way to get everyone on the same page, and send everyone out with peace and goodwill toward one another. You can also use their prayers to start a school board meeting and help everyone start on the right foot. 

The 12 prayers below can be used for specific situations in a school board meeting.  We invite you to enter your prayer for your community’s school board in the comments section below or request prayers from the community. 

A Short Prayer to Close Or Open a School Board Meeting

Dear God, we thank you for your guidance for us all here tonight as we sought to make good decisions for this school and community.  Give us rest from any worry, and peace to trust in the outcomes from what we voted on in this meeting.  Guide us safely home and let us awaken to your love in the morning, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer After a Contentious School Board Meeting

Gracious God, we ask for your peace in these moments.  Passionate words have been spoken because we want what’s best for our students and this community.  Even as we stand here next to each other, let us be reminded that we are neighbors, friends, and co-workers—we choose to live in community with each other. 

And so, we ask you to give us the peace that passes our understanding so that we can live in harmony with each other as we walk out of this board room tonight.  We ask this in the name of Jesus, the One who unites us through his love, Amen.

Prayer for Employee Raises Announced at Board Meeting

Dear God who gives good things, we celebrate your provision in our school budget that has allowed us to give meaningful raises to our teachers and staff for the coming year.  We ask your blessing on each one as they go about their duties in the coming weeks and months. 

As we end our time together here at this meeting, we ask that you guide each person in the best way to use the increased funds in their life and household.  We give thanks to you for your provision and pray in agreement that “great is your faithfulness!”  We pray this in the name of the One who gives eternal love to us all, Jesus. Amen.

Celebrating Athletic Success at a Board Meeting

Gracious God, we are reminded that we are but humans—you are God and we are not.  And so, in our humanity, we stand amazed at the success of our athletic teams this past year.  What a joy it was to see all these students be recognized and honored for their athletic success.  They have worked so hard in the training room, on the field, and around the track, putting in long hours to hone their ability. 

May they know that when they succeed, this whole community celebrates with them and we all stand proudly to clap and say “Well Done!”  Thank you for keeping them safe and giving them integrity as they play.  In the name of the One who was, who is, and is to come, Amen

Prayer After a School Board Meeting to Start the Year

Dear Father, summer is over and a new school year has begun.  We thank you for the many decisions we were able to make tonight to ensure a positive kickoff to this year.  We are excited about the new testing schedule that frees up teachers to teach and students to learn! 

We look forward to what we will celebrate at the end of this year.  We ask for your continued guidance as we, the school board humbly accept the responsibilities granted to us in these positions.  May we lead by listening and seeing success in our service to others.  We ask these things in your name, Amen.

Prayer for New Board Members at a Board Meeting

Heavenly Father, we are humbled tonight at the enthusiasm in this community to serve on this school board, and for the desire to be responsible for the success of each student, in each school in this community. 

We ask your blessing upon these new board members and ask you to give each one wisdom and the humility to ask for direction in their decisions.  Surround them with your love so they can be confident they are following you despite any criticism that may come their way. 

We know that none of us is perfect and we will make mistakes, but we ask for patience and understanding as these new board members join with current board members to make this school system great.  This we ask in the name of the Father who made us, the Son who loves us, and the Spirit who guides us, Amen.

Honoring Those Who’ve Died (In Memoriam)

Dear God, while we had the school system business to attend to tonight when we pray now, we turn our focus to the ones we hold in our memories.  They each have died from different circumstances, but we feel the loss of their presence. 

Our schools will be less because they are gone.  We pray for their families as they feel the loss deeply.  We pray for the students who have lost a mentor.  We pray for your comfort and peace to surround us all in these moments, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for a New Board Chairperson

Eternal God, our father, we come to you in prayer to give thanks for the work of (name) who has served this school board for so many years.  Grant her rest from her work her and bless her with the knowledge that she has made a deep and lasting impact on our students. 

As (name) steps down, we are glad that (name) has stepped up into the chairperson position.  Grant him wisdom as he accepts this new responsibility and may he lead by serving and listening.  As we gather around him to pray, we each pledge, in our hearts and minds, to support him in this new endeavor with our encouragement, feedback, and transparent conversation.  May the trust necessary begin to form even now as we pray. 

In the name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.

Another Short Prayer to End a School Board Meeting

Dear Father, we ask your blessings upon the students—give them a desire to learn.  We ask your blessings upon the teachers—give them a passion for teaching.  We ask your blessings upon the staff—give them hearts for serving others. 

We ask your blessings upon the administrators—give them wise and discerning minds.  Finally, we ask your blessings upon this school board—grant us patience and understanding in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Teacher Retirements Announced at a Board Meeting

Dear God, we are experiencing conflicting emotions right now as we recognize these teachers who are retiring this year.  We celebrated their success and dedication tonight during our meeting and wished them well in their new seasons of life. 

Yet we are also saddened that they will not be in our midst, teaching students, having a positive impact with their fellow educators, and sharing their hard-earned wisdom.  Guide them into new expressions of their teaching gift and may they have peace as they step out in faith in retirement and pursue what they want to pursue.  Their presence in our school, our community, and our individual lives has made us all better. 

We give you thanks God, Amen.

Prayer After a School Board Budget Meeting

Oh God who provides, we ask your blessing upon our efforts at tonight’s meeting.  It always seems like there’s not enough money for all that is needed for this school system, but we are grateful for the many perspectives on this board, which give us strength to make hard, but necessary choices.  We give thanks that we have a budget that will be fully funded and allow us to enact the programs outlined in our three-year plan. 

Discernment by some to see workarounds and pragmatism by others to see a clear financial path are why we are better when we work together toward a common goal.  Thank you for uniting us in purpose here, for our students, and for this community.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.

End-Of-The-Year Prayer After a Board Meeting

Dear God, what a year we have had!  Whether it was the numerous crises that kept popping up, or the storm that blew through, it was a rough year.  But we persevered and saw many positive things happen, for which we are so grateful! 

The fact that we are arriving at the closing of another school year says that you are faithful and we can gain strength in that truth.  We made it through and we give you thanks!  As we pray now, grant us rest, perspective, and trust for each new day, in Christ’s name, Amen!

Closing Thoughts

While these 12 prayers may not cover every situation that comes up at a school board meeting, we hope you can make use of them in your circumstance, or use them as a jumping-off point. While prayer can sometimes be overlooked as a tool, prayer can be a great way to form bonds and build connections between people. 

Let us hear from you in the comments below and feel free to share your prayer request.

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