6 Loving Prayers for the Mother of the Bride

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It’s the bride’s big day and her mom is full of many emotions. This is the day the mother of the bride could use prayer. 

The mom’s little girl is going to walk the aisle to be wed to the man that God placed into her life. But for the lady that gave birth to this young woman, it is a day that brings tears of joy and bittersweet memories.

Leading up to the wedding, mom had so much to do to plan and prepare. Her little girl was her main focus as she located the wedding venue, caterers, decorations, the bride’s dress and everything else that went into this major event. Every day she would go here, do that and think of this. The bride’s mom was busy and hardly had time to settle and dwell on her feelings and thoughts regarding her little girl leaving home.

Daughters love their dad no doubt and have a close relationship. However, the bond between a mother and her little girl is unique. They are confidantes. They are best friends. A mother loves a son, but there is a closeness between these women that is hard to describe.

As important as a father is to the bride, a mother may be even more honored. When the Lord gives an entire chapter in Proverbs to the worth of a mother, we cannot forget His appraisal of how children are to give special homage to this special lady.

Her children arise and call her blessed;

    her husband also, and he praises her:

“Many women do noble things,

    but you surpass them all.”

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;

    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 

Proverbs 31-28-30 (NIV)

It doesn’t say that she gets up to bless her children, but the total opposite. This special lady is adored by her children. As well as her husband “praises her.” 

I have been to many weddings and not once did I notice the bride’s mother act nonchalant or stoic toward what was happening. Every one of these special ladies was trying to hold back the emotions.

Remember to pray for her as she loses her daughter to someone else. The bride’s mom needs the attention of her Father in Heaven.

A Short Prayer from the Mother of the Bride

My Father in Heaven, you have always been there for me. You have seen my joys and you have seen the days I cry for my little girl. I need you now as I see my daughter leaving my care and going into the care of someone else. It’s hard to see her leave me.

I know you prepared this day for her and you have told me that this day would come. But it is still hard to believe that day is now here. Please take away my sadness and replace it with the joy that should be there. I ask this in His name. Amen

Prayer from the Mother of the Bride As She Deals With Multiple Emotions

God in Heaven, I am so filled with different emotions as I see my special angel walking down the aisle today to become a wife to this man. My little girl is no longer that little girl and I am having a hard time accepting it all.

Lord you are everything to me. You love me and you have always known what is best for me. Because of that, I know your care will be sufficient as she leaves home and becomes a helpmeet to this man you led to her.

But I am struggling.

When I gave birth to her, you gave me a new life to take care of. From your loving hands into mine, you said to me that this child is yours to raise and to look after. I have tried to do that all these years.

I know she is not leaving my world and I will see her again. But until this day, I was the one she would cry when her heart seemingly was broken. I was the one she shared her special dreams and desires with as she grew. Now those days will be fewer as she now has someone else to pour out her heart to.

Please help me and assure me everything will be ok. Help me to make you even more important and to fill this void with your special care.

I love you and seek your best for her and me in your son’s precious name. Amen!

Prayer for the Mother of the Bride Leading Up to the Wedding

God in Heaven, you are perfect and worthy of all praise. I seek your special attention for (Mother’s name) whose daughter is getting married soon. She has so much to attend to and seems to be struggling with everything coming up soon.

I pray you would help her emotionally as she sees (daughter’s name) entering a new chapter of her life. Let her sorrow be turned into happiness and her confusion into perspective.

I also seek your care for her physical well-being through each day leading up to the big event. May she get the rest she needs and not forsake her own daily needs. 

Finally, may she know she does not have to do things alone? Let her know she has people that love her and will be more than willing to help her shoulder this load. Especially let her remember You are there to carry through everything that comes along.

I pray this out of love and care in your Son’s special name. Amen!

Prayer for the Mother of the Bride on the Wedding Day

Lord God, the day has arrived and (mother’s name) is witnessing the wedding of her daughter. I pray Lord that with your loving care you will lift her and help her through everything that is going to happen.

Give her the strength to manage the activity of the day and not be tired as the day moves along. May she sense your presence and seek your strong arms to support her each step of the way.

Her emotions may well up as her daughter walks the aisle. I pray that she will find peace and joy in seeing her beautiful little girl begin a new stage of her life. May she gain confidence in realizing that you gave her daughter a man that will love and cherish her.

(Mother’s name) is so proud of her daughter and wants only what is best for her girl. She is a strong lady and has always done what you wished for in her life. Now she needs to trust that you Father will continue to do the same for her and that her daughter is exactly where you intended for her to be now.

Give her grace and peace today. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Prayer for the Mother of the Bride After the Ceremony

Dear Lord, the wedding is now over and (mother’s name) has so much to take in now that her daughter is gone from home and with her new husband. 

God, you are good and will not allow your child to wallow as she tries to move forward. 

Her little girl will eventually call and share all the news to catch up. But for a few days Lord, (mother’s name) will see an empty bedroom and one less place at the dinner table. Help her to see your presence in those empty places and to draw closer to you.

Help her my Father to find new purposes to aid her in getting through these next few days. She will always think of her little girl. But help her to refocus her mind and heart to seek ways to be happy and renew her spirit.

May others draw around her and invite her to do things or simply sit and talk. She needs human companionship and your attention to get her past the loneliness she will feel. May her husband (if married) give her more of his time and share his heart with her.

Lord, draw close to her even now I pray. Because of the blood of Jesus, I pray. Amen!

Bride’s Prayer for Her Mother

Heavenly Father, you are holy and just and loving. Please give special anointing to my mom today as I marry my fiance.

I love her so much and she means the world to me. She gave me life, was there for every special occasion, and let me express my heart to her. This lady means so much and I don’t want her to be sad.

Lord, my mom has done everything for me. As much as my dad protected me and made sure I was safe; she always protected my heart and made me feel cherished.

I can’t begin to understand all she is feeling today, and maybe I have to wait until I am a mother to understand. But one thing I do know is my mother deserves so much.

Draw her close and let her know I love her and will always do so. No matter where I am or what I do, she is cherished and I will always praise her as it says in Proverbs.

She is my confidante as she has always been. Care for her Father in His name. Amen!

Concluding Thoughts

Let us remember to think of them when their little girl is becoming a wife soon, or when the wedding has already happened.

We can’t truly understand what a mother feels when their daughter gets married. (Unless you are the mother of a married daughter.) But there is someone that does. 

If you don’t know how to pray for the bride’s mother, may these prayers give you a voice in reaching out to God on behalf of this lady.

If you have thoughts on ways to pray for the mother of a bride, please share them in the comments below.