6 Humbling Prayers Against Pride

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Emma

Have you ever thought about how many sins can be traced back to our pride?

Pride is something that is written about often in scripture, and is something we battle daily if we’re honest with ourselves.

But there is hope, not because we can defeat pride, but because Christ already has.

We’ll share 6 powerful and humbling prayers to help you turn to God when you feel feelings or pride making their way into your thoughts. Feel free to modify these prayers to fit your specific situation. You’re also welcome to leave your prayer requests in the comments below.

Short Prayer Against Pride

Everlasting Father, you are so good to me. I do not deserve all that you have given to me, and yet I struggle with pride. Please forgive me for all the times when pride has crept into my thoughts.

Thank you for forgiving me of all my sins. When I remember the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for my sins it humbles me. Help me never forget this good news, for when I think of it my pride subsides.

God, I pray you continue to sanctify me in this area of pride. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer For The Prideful People In Our Lives

God, you know the prideful people in my life and the difficulty it makes. I pray that you humble these individuals in a way that allows them to live a life that honors you.

Lord, help them to learn how to be slow to speak. Guide them to understand that they need you as their savior. Sanctify them so that they no longer hurt others with the pride in their lives.

Lord, help me to be patient with these prideful people as it is difficult to be around them. When they hurt me, help me to forgive them.

Help me to continue to pray for these prideful people in my life. These people may be struggling with hurt themselves. Perhaps they are narcissist. Help me to continue to pray for the pride in their lives, so one day they may know you.

God, focus my eyes on you. When I am able to focus on your promises I have more patience.

When I am tempted to be impatient with others help me to stand firm in your truths.

Thank you for hearing my prayers. For caring about the people in my life and the relationships we have together.

Prayer For Self-Control Regarding Pride

Heavenly Father, help me to have self-control in the area of pride.

God, you know that the main problem with mankind stems from thinking we are in control instead of you. This is a prideful thought that continues to come into my mind even when I’m not thinking about it.

I need your help with self-control, I know only you can help me do this. No amount of effort I put into becoming less prideful will be fruitful if it is without your help. So help me to leave the desire to be in control and lean on you completely to help me.

“No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.” (1 Corinthians 10:13 ESV)

Thank you for being faithful and for answering my prayers. I know you will answer this prayer for self-control. It is easy for me to be prideful but I ask that you help me to keep my eyes focused on you so that I can have self-control.

God, I ask that you bring an older Christian into my life to help me to learn more self-control in this area. Scripture writes that self-control is something that should be trained, so please help me learn how to be self-controlled.

I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer For Ridding Arrogance In Myself

Heavenly Father, you know the struggle I have with arrogance. It seems to creep into my thoughts and flows through my actions more than I wish.

God, you know the situation I am in even now because of my arrogance. I have hurt others.

Father, I see my arrogance in my different relationships. I so often don’t want to admit that I’m wrong and it is very difficult for me to apologize.

Even my thoughts are arrogant as I criticize others. God forgive me for my arrogance and help me to be more humble.

Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished. (Proverbs 16:5 ESV)

I pray you help me get rid of the arrogance in life. I want to bring you honor with my life, not hurt others, and especially not hurt you, God. You, O God, are almighty and just. I recognize that my punishment for the arrogance in my life is your wrath.

Thank you for forgiving me. It is a gift I do not deserve and I know it’s only through you that I can grow in humility.

God, I pray that you bring a friend into my life that can walk alongside me as I struggle with this sin. Help me to be approachable and when arrogance creeps in help me to instead listen and take steps towards humility.

I know you can help me in this area. Sanctify me and help me to be more likes you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer To Overcome Pride

God, help me to overcome the pride in my life. It is affecting every area of my life. My pride is affecting my relationships, my work, and even my thoughts.

“One’s pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor.” (Proverbs 29:23 ESV)

Lord, I pray you forgive me of my sin of pride. Forgive me for thinking that I can do life on my own. I know that I need you. God, you are the sustainer of my life and nothing I do is apart from you.

God, I sometimes think I deserve people’s praise or deserve love. I get frustrated when I do not have the success or comfort I think I’ve earned. I know that this is all false. I know that the only thing I deserve because of my sin is death.

Thank you for the cross, for dining for me, and for giving me hope and a future. Please help me to focus on the Gospel. I know when my eyes are on you instead of myself that this will allow me to overcome pride.

Thank you for forgiving me, please help me live now in humility so I can bring honor to your name. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayers To Help Pride Not Grow

Heavenly Father, I recognize that there are areas where I am allowing pride to grow in my life. Please help me to not let this continue to happen and to come to you whenever I see these areas creeping in.

God, help me when I am fearful. I recognize that when I’m afraid it is because I think I am in control of my life and I am not trusting in you. Fear is one of the ways I’m letting pride grow, please rid me of fear.

God, you also know that when I grumble it allows pride to grow. Help me to not grumble in my thoughts but especially in my words. Help me instead to see that you are good and with you, I lack nothing.


Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him have no lack! (Psalm 34:9 ESV)

Finally, Lord, I know that when I tend to want to please others I do this out of pride. I want to be praised by others and it satisfies me when others are pleased. Instead, Lord, help me to keep my eyes fixed on you, so pride does not sneak in.

God, help me to see what other areas of my life pride might be creeping in, and help me to quickly repent and turn to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Closing Thoughts

Pride is such a sticky sin, It seems like once you have surrendered one area of pride in your life another one arises. Allow these prayers to encourage you that God hears your prayers for humility, that he forgives, and that He is the one helping you grow to be more like Christ.

Stay steadfast in your walk and finish strong. Know that you have a loving father that wants what is best for you and a big part of that is ridding your life of pride and seeing the amazing spiritual blessings He has for you when you trust in him.