7 Calming Prayers for Eye Surgery

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Individuals get eye surgery for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for corrective eye repair, or because their glasses no longer fit their very active lifestyle, God has allowed you to see clearly through surgery and hopefully you will no longer need any extra assistance. These surgeries are amazing opportunities and there have been massive technological advances over the last few years.

I know having any kind of surgery can be stressful, but it is also a great time to rely heavily on God. Isaiah 41:10 teaches “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you! Don’t be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you–yes, I help you–yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand!”

Believing in our Lord gives us a sense of peace through stressful times. As you prepare for your eye surgery and work through all the related medical tests, make sure you take the time to be thankful to our Lord for giving you this opportunity. Your surgery will be a blessing on the other side, sometimes it is better to look forward and not worry so much about the present.

I pray that your eye surgery goes well and you receive the best sight possible through your procedure. We have many people in our family who use different eye surgeries to see and it has been such a blessing for every one of them. If you have any specific prayer for eye surgery requests, please leave them in the comments below!

Quick Prayer for Eye Surgery

Dear Lord, today I come to you to ask you to watch over my eye surgery. Father, help the eye doctor have steady hands and complete this surgery with seamless ease. Lord, I ask that I heal well from this surgery. I ask that I be able to see the world you have created around me so much better when my eye surgery and healing have been completed. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Eye Surgery

Heavenly Father, today I am undergoing eye surgery and I am asking that you watch over me. Lord, I ask that you give me a calming sense to ease my nerves. I ask that you give me a never-ending sense of confidence to prepare for the surgery that lies ahead of me. I know you will be there with me, Lord. Help me feel your grace and love during my surgery.

Lord, I ask that you bless the doctors working on my eyes. I ask that my doctors be given steady hands and a clear line of sight during my eye surgery. Give them easy access to their surgical points, and allow my doctors to complete the procedure without affecting any other parts of my eye.

Father, I thank you for giving us the knowledge to do this eye surgery. I thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to receive this eye surgery. Lord, I am so thankful that you are in my life. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Cataract Surgery

Father, my eyes are getting cloudy, and I am losing my ability to see. Father, I know you have a plan for me, and I know I am so blessed to be able to get cataract surgery today. Lord, I just ask that you watch over me. That you stay by my side and keep my eyes safe from harm.

Lord, I ask that you guide my eye doctor’s hands. Lord, please help my eye doctor as he removes the cloudy lens from my eye and then replaces that lens with a new one.

Father, please keep my doctor’s hands steady and his mind clear. I ask that you grant him the ability to only focus on my cataract surgery while it is happening. Bless my doctor, Father, with an easy and smooth cataract surgery.

Father, I ask that you grant my eyes a quick healing time. I ask that you grant me the ability to see again. Thank you for always being by my side, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for LASIK Surgery

Dear Lord, today I am going to partake in LASIK surgery. Lord, I know that you can see all things that will happen. I know that you do things to challenge us in good ways, and then bless us in others. I am working through my eyesight challenge, Lord. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and the finances to partake in this surgery today.

Father, I ask that you watch over me as the eye doctors perform my LASIK surgery. Help my doctors as they reshape my eye tissue to focus light properly on my retina.

Lord, I ask that you keep my doctor’s hands steady and that you bring me peace as this eye surgery is happening. Lord, please allow their computer imaging to be perfect and for my eyes to see clearly in the end.

Father, I ask that you bless me with a quick recovery time. I ask that the pain be minimal and manageable. I know I can trust in you Lord, for all things. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for LASEK Surgery

Lord, I have opted to do LASEK surgery. I am sitting here thinking about my eye surgery decision and I know I need to instead lean towards you.

Father, I ask that you watch over me today. I ask that you surround me with your love and peace. Please still my mind, Lord, and take away the random thoughts that are being produced in my head.

Lord, I ask that you keep the doctor’s hands steady. Allow their laser tools to work flawlessly, Father. Help the lens the doctors are placing on my eyes to heal properly and allow me to see with perfect vision. Please allow this LASEK surgery to heal the strain that is currently on my eyes, Lord.

Father, thank you for blessing me with this opportunity. I ask that you also bless me with a speedy recovery. Lord, remind me to follow all of my doctor’s healing instructions. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Healing After Eye Surgery

Father, I have completed my eye surgery. I am so thankful for this eye surgery opportunity you have blessed me with. I am very hopeful that this surgery will heal my eyes and allow me a vision that will not stress my head or my eyes.

Father, I ask that you take away the pain I am now feeling. I ask that you bless me with a sense of peace as I rest and heal. Lord, help what the doctors have given me take away my pain. I need the relief quickly, Father.

Lord, please help the eye surgery I have just undergone be a lasting solution to my eyesight troubles. Lord use my new eyes to do your work and to help me see things in others that I could not see before. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for a Friend Having Eye Surgery

Dear Lord, my friend has decided to endure eye surgery and I would like to lift them to you.

Father, I know that you are always with us and watching over us. I ask that you take special care of my friend today. I ask that you fill their heart and mind with peace as their eye surgery begins. Father, please keep out any type of negativity while their surgery is happening.

Lord, I ask that you give the doctors and nurses steady hands and minds. Help them remember every step and every direction needed to complete my friend’s eye surgery.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing my friend to fix their eyes. You created us in your image and we are thankful to get to use our eyes to see your likeness every day.

Father, I ask that you help my friend’s eyes heal properly. Please help my friend feel minimal pain. Please allow my friend the opportunity to use their eyes quickly.

We depend so much on our sight, Lord. Please allow my friend the grace they need for their sight to heal. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Concluding Thoughts

God has blessed us in so many ways. He has given us so many advancements in technology which help us heal and get better. It is our job to acknowledge those blessings and thank our Lord for providing them.

While you are healing, I hope you remember that our Lord is with you always. Jeremiah 17:14 taught us to ask our Lord for healing “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.” This is just another confirmation that when you pray to him he will hear you and prayer is a powerful tool in healing from any surgery whether it’s related to the birth of a new baby, dental care, or anything in between. God will always be there to listen.

I pray that you have a quick healing process and recover well. I hope that you can feel our Lord with you during your surgery and your time of healing. I also hope that your vision is greatly improved after your surgery!

Please let us know if you have any specific eye surgery prayer requests in the comments below.

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