6 Calming Prayers For The Safe Delivery Of A Baby

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Emma

Billions of babies have been born all throughout history and all across the world. This does not diminish the great joy and present fear of childbirth. Each experience is unique and beautiful and scary and miraculous in its own way. No doubt, many mothers have mouthed their own hasty prayers as they fulfill their calling from God–to be fruitful and multiply. 

Birth is stressful and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first child or fifth and we’ll share 6 prayers to help you pray to God for the safe delivery of a healthy baby.

Delivering is not only a singularly special moment in time for parents but also a part of God’s big plan for the world He created. Whether you are giving birth for the first time, the fifth time, or you are playing a supportive role in the process–prayer will invite and welcome God to give abundance and beauty to the life-changing experience of delivering a baby.

And God is able to make all grace about to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.

2 Corinthians 9:8

And what a good work childbirth is!

Do you ever struggle to know how God would have you pray over specific situations and life events? We know that God has been working in the lives of families for generations. He has always proved faithful, and He will not abandon you in your time of need. As we seek God to lead and guide our children throughout their lives, what better way to start than when they are in the womb and during their birth?

Do you have your own special prayers that you would like to share? Have you been worrying or wondering about how to pray over a specific part of delivery? Comment below and share your thoughts with us. 

For the First-Time Mother

Lord, you know that this is a road I have never traveled. Give me a clear mind and tender heart as I seek to make wise choices on behalf of my unborn baby. As the day of their delivery comes closer, calm my anxiety and my fear. Place in me a heart of joy and grace as I interact with medical staff, family, and this tiny person growing inside of me. Let my speech be full of grace and seasoned salt (Colossians 4:5-6). 

Only You know all the details of this child’s delivery, Lord. May it be a day of peace. Safely carry this child from their safe cacoon into this world. Do not let me fear the dangers and the hiccups of childbirth. Calm my spirit. Give this child an abundant and full life from the moment of their delivery. Help me to understand and to wisely interact with my doctors and nurses. 

For The Seasoned Mother

Lord, I know that each birthing experience is unique and special. I can see how differently you have made each of my children. I rejoice in your creativity and power over each of their lives. As this new addition to our family enters the world, will you give me the wisdom and motherly instinct to know if something is wrong. Protect this child and bring them safely through the delivery process.

Keep this child’s health in your hands as we all meet them in their first moments of air-breathing life. I ask that each of my children will feel loved and important as they become older siblings to this baby. Protect them from envy and impatience and grow all of our love for this new life.

Let each of these siblings’ love for each other reflect the love of your church (Hebrews 13:1-2). I place the well-being of this baby in your hands. You have been faithful before and I know you will be faithful again.

For The Scared Mother

Lord, I know that the day of this child’s birth is another beautiful day that You have made. As it approaches, give me a heart that rejoices and is glad in it (Psalm 118:24). Give me the strength and the wisdom to cast my cares onto your capable hands.

Protect me from the untruths that rise up in my heart. Help me to think on what is true (Philippians 4:8-9). Grant me peace and wisdom before, during, and after the delivery of this child. I ask for you to develop and grow this child in every good and healthy way.

On the day of delivery, help me to place every detail and moment into your hands. Bring this child safely into my arms, and use this experience to strengthen my faith in you. From blood pressure to heart rate and down to every breath, grant this child good health. Remove my tendency to worry, and place a spirit of thankfulness in my heart during the delivery.

For The Discouraged Mother

Lord, you know that my heart is fainting in me. I am struggling to look forward to the day of my child’s birth. I know that my body, soul, and mind are in need of your rest and your grace. Let each movement of my unborn child lift my spirit and create an attitude of joy in me.

I trust that you see the big picture and that you are bigger than my feelings. No matter what I feel and no matter what the future holds, place courage, excitement, joy, and expectancy inside of me.

As the day of delivery approaches, Lord, renew a right spirit inside of me (Psalm 51:10). Protect my child and safely bring them into this world. Hold them completely. Hold me too, God. Give me both the physical and emotional fortitude that I need on the beautiful day of their birth. 

For The Busy Mother

Lord, I am overwhelmed with everything that I am doing and that needs to be done before the birth of my baby. Will you clear my mind and my schedule so that I can better prepare for the life that is growing inside of me? God, make us ready as best as we can be as the day of delivery approaches.

Help me to genuinely dwell on how special this time with my baby will be. Do not let me be distracted by all that needs to be done. Give me a worshipful spirit toward you during this time that feels so chaotic.

Focus my attention on what is important on the day of delivery. Help me to be quick to hear you and slow to speak over you (James 1:19). Iron out all of the details of this child’s birth story. Protect them and help me to give all of myself to the moment as it is happening. Help me to be a present mother and to be wise during the delivery. Bring a healthy baby into our arms and let us be full of joyful gratitude.

For The Uncertain Mother

Lord, I know that you hold the answers that I need. Give me peace despite my uncertainty and confusion. Help me to lean on You rather than my own strength and the depth of my understanding. I know you hold my future and the future of my child. Let me rest in knowing that the hairs on my baby’s head are numbered by You (Matthew 10:30). What I do not know–You know!

Let all of my hope be in you. I know that the day of my child’s birth is a gift and most of the time, gifts are a surprise when we open them. Help me to remember that you are the giver of all good gifts so that we can live according to your purpose (James 1:17).


Every mother has their own unique struggles and victories; however, we all want the same healthy outcome for our little ones. Instead of allowing our personal victories and failures to overwhelm and distract us, we can choose to engage with our Great Advocate.

God, the giver of all life, wants to join us (and our entire family) on this journey. He sees much more than we can see. He knows much more than we can know and He looks forward to seeing the mother-and-child relationship grow. 

Even before a word is on my togue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.

Psalm 139:4

It can be difficult to leave such a big moment of our lives in His hands, and God knows that about mothers. He knows you. He knows the child that He is knitting in your womb. As the day of delivery approaches, whether it’s natural or a cesarian birth, take all your burdens and all your joys to Jesus. He is with you.