5 Life-Giving Prayers Against Lust

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What exactly is lust?

We know in scripture that we should not lust Jesus is serious about lust. He equates lustful looks with adultery. Jesus calls for drastic measures if lust is a part of your life. 

But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Matthew 5:28)

But what does that look like? You may wonder, am I lusting, is one of my kids lusting, and how can I pray against lust? 

This is a hidden sin for many. It has affected my life in different ways.

It’s one that we don’t talk about often because it seems like it doesn’t affect others the same way other sins do. But it hurts God and it hurts our relationship with Him. 

Lust simply put is a sinful perversion of the sexual desires God gave us. It’s selfish, unlike the design God created for sex to be selfless. It’s a matter of the mind and doesn’t present itself in the same way to everyone who struggles with it. 

We are glad you have sought prayer for the topic. We have a great God who hears our prayers and loves to help us grow to be more like Christ.

Please feel free to comment below and ask for prayer either for the lust you struggle with or a loved one in your life. 

Short Prayer Against Lust

God, I recognize that lust is very different than love. Love cares for the whole person and selflessly desires what is good for the other. Lust is using the image of another for a one-time source of brief satisfaction. I’m so grieved that this is a sin I commit. Help me to fight against it. 

Instead of lusting after others help me to focus my mind on you. Help me to think about the gospel message of redemption and salvation. I know as I shift my eyes and thoughts to you it will help me think about my lustful desires less. 

I pray this in your precious son’s name, who died for me, even though He knew I would struggle in this way. Rescue me from this. Amen. 

Prayer Against Lust

God, you made our bodies and said they were good, but when I lust I am simply reducing a person to shapes, angles, and proportions. When I lust I misuse what you created to be good. 

Even though I know it’s not good and not part of your plan I struggle with it. On some level, it satisfies me but then quickly I feel regret, shame, and brokenness. It’s destroying me. Please help me fight against it. 

For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. (1 John 2:16)

God, you created each human as image-bearers of you our Almighty God.  But instead of this joy you offer I have minimized those I lust after. 

God, help me to stop nurturing this desire. Help me to stop thinking about it and create opportunities to lust after others. Help me to take Jesus’ words seriously when He commands us to limit what we see and to take drastic measures to remove the temptations.

Reveal to me what that may look like. Then I ask for your strength to remove the temptation.  Do not allow me to make excuses. Help me see that no preventative measure is too extreme as I seek a pure heart. 

God, help me to think about you, and all that you have done. Allow these truths of your mighty work to give me the hope and strength to resist lust. God, I want you to fill my brain instead of lustful thoughts.

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. (Galatians 5:16)

I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Praying Truth Over The Lies Of Lust

God, lust is a great deception. It tells me that it will satisfy me. And it does for a moment. But then it’s gone and I’m left feeling more empty and broken than ever.  I know that only you can truly satisfy.

When I lust I convince myself that I deserve to feel the joy it brings. I sinfully desire what is not mine and want to take it. The enemy wants this to destroy me. God help me to fight these lies with truth.

God, you have given me the truth that sex is good within a marriage. I know I’m called to love the whole person in marriage. The lie of lust tells me that it hurts no one to think this way. But that’s a lie because it hurts you God and it hurts my marriage and it minimizes the person I’m lusting after. 

God, you have given the truth that we are made in your image. You have created each person with gifts, needs, and emotions.

The lie of lust tells me that I can enjoy just one part of a person in the quietness of my mind. But this does not honor you and it will hurt my relationships. Help me instead to seek a healthy relationship. 

God, your truth says that if I’m truly in You I will love purity. Lust tells me that you will forgive me so I can keep on sinning.

Help me recognize that this lie is one of the scariest of all because it reveals that I have not changed my relationship with you, so do I have a saving faith at all? 

God, I repent. I see how I have not been trusting you. I see how I have only been living my life for myself. I see how I have believed the lies of the devil. I believe that I have hurt you and my relationships. I turn now away from all of these lies. I turn fully to you. 

God, forgive me of my sins, I believe you are the only one who can truly save me because, Jesus, you already defeated all temptations, you lived perfectly, you defeated death, and you promise that anyone who believes in you, will be a new creation. 

So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart. (2 Timothy 2:22) 

Father, I am in a new creation in you now, I leave my lust behind. Thank you for saving me, a huge mess of a person. Thank you for forgiving the sins of my past and even those I may struggle with in the future.

Thank you for the power that saves me but also the power that will help me to grow to be more Christ-like. 

God, your truth has set me free. Amen. 

Prayer For Purity, Instead of Lust

God, I know that you have called me as your own to love purity. You know my heart and you already know that I struggle with lust. I do not want this to be a struggle anymore.

I seek you and I desperately ask that you defeat the enemy’s attempts to drag my mind back into lustful thoughts.  

Jesus thank you for your teachings that show us how true faith loves purity. You have revealed that this is so important to you that I should deal with my sexual sin and temptations radically and ruthlessly.

God, I’ve struggled with this for so long because it seems to be a secret and hidden from others. I can watch porn, think of scantily dressed women, and even have sensual thoughts and avoid any scandal. But you know. And your warnings are clear. 

Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14 ESV)

God, I know in my own selfish, lust-filled heart that I am not holy. I can only be made holy because of you.

When I believed and became adopted into your family you gave me Christ’s righteousness and put all my sins upon Him. He died with my sins on that cross. This humbles me. 

God, I want to see you in heaven one day, to taste and see your holiness.

I want to stand before you confident that even though I once struggled with lust you have forgiven me and I will stand before you Holy. Not because I ever did anything on this earth to deserve that but only because of the gracious gift of Christ. 

Help me to focus on this truth. Help me to live with a pure heart. Help me to strive after you in every moment. In Jesus’ mighty and gracious name, I pray, Amen. 

Prayer To Battle Against Lust

God, I no longer want to live a life where I am so consumed by my lustful thoughts. You know that I belong to you and my heart desires to honor you, even and especially in this area. 

God, I pray that you help me to simply stop looking at porn. God, I know this will not be easy unless I have your help. I know that I will continue to be tempted because I have been doing it for so long and have allowed the devil to have a foothold in this area of my life. 

But I also know that you are mightier than the Devil’s hold on my life. You have given me more in Christ than I can ever be satisfied with porn, so I ask you to help me give it up. 

Help me to stop looking at sensual websites, magazines, and smartphone apps right now. Give me wisdom on what I need to cancel and drop so that it will not be a temptation anymore. 

Give me the confidence to make a final separation from porn.  

God, I know that the enemy will not give up easily. I know that my sinful body will cry out for more, maybe it won’t be today or this week but I will desire that instant satisfaction lust once provided.   

Those moments remind me of your teaching. Help it to make sense to my mind and do not let the evil one convince me that it is simply a suggestion or just crazy. Because I know your truth is good and is to be lived out for my good.

God, I no longer want to feed my flesh so help me prepare for this battle by daily being in your word and surrounding myself with life-giving people and activities. I pray this in your name, Amen. 


You do not have to battle this alone. Please feel free to reach out in the comments below or to your local church.  Be honest about your struggles and don’t keep anything back. 

Find a mature Christian who will give you the wisdom you need and the strength to walk alongside you. 

“Confess your sins to one another,” (James 5:16)

You are not alone in this struggle. God can help you as you fight this sin in your life. Continue to pray, continue to read God’s truth, and reach out to a Christian friend. 

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