10 Fierce Prayers For Boxing Matches

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Emma

When I think of boxing matches I think of sweat, blood, and pain. I don’t know much about boxing so it might not be as dangerous as I think it is. One thing I do know is that we should always pray for boxing matches!

Boxing is known for its violence. If you or someone you love is preparing for a boxing match, it would be wise to pray for their safety and protection.

Two verses that highlight safety and protection come from the Book of Psalms:

“But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you” (Psalm 5:11, NIV).

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1, NIV).

The Lord wants to provide for us. He wants what is best for us. He is always there to walk with you and carry you when your crosses get too heavy. If you or someone you love is downtrodden or weary from a boxing match, always know the Lord is there to breathe life and strength back into (you/them)!

I have given you 10 prayers for boxing matches, but feel free to customize them to your specific situation, or other sports. Please leave prayer requests in the comments so we can pray with you!

Short Prayer For A Boxing Match

Lord, I pray for everyone participating in boxing matches. I pray that each fighter works hard, does the best that they can, and glorifies You in the process. I pray the referees enforce the rules properly, the coaches have wisdom, and the fans may be respectful. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer To Have Fun During A Boxing Match

Lord, sports have become such intense hobbies for kids in recent years. You gave us hobbies like boxing as a way to glorify You. Help everyone involved in the boxing matches to remember that boxing is just a sport. Each person should give everything they have, but their greatest attention should be focused on You.

In a world where pressure on sports has increased tremendously, help everyone, especially boxers to just have fun! May they all remember to “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Phillipians 4:4, NIV).

If any boxer, coach, or referee is struggling with having fun, please bring that joy back into their hearts. Help them to find the love they first had for boxing and to continue to play, coach, and referee for that little kid. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Boxing Coaches

Dear God, coaching can be a very challenging task. Juggling different boxers with different abilities isn’t easy. It can be hard to not just give your best boxers all your attention. Please give all coaches the wisdom on how to coach each boxer, regardless of ability. Help them to be attentive to the needs of each boxer.

Help all coaches to focus not only on making their athletes better boxers, but better people. May they help their athletes transform physically, emotionally, and spiritually as they coach them. May all coaches be a witness to your love.

I hope that all boxers can feel a sense of peace, safety, and security when they talk to their coach. May each player feel that they are able to come to their coaches with open arms, just as they can to You. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Spectators At A Boxing Match

Lord, if there is one thing that makes my stomach turn it is inappropriate behavior from fans at sporting events. People feel entitled to speak and act however they want without considering how it affects others.

Please help each spectator to speak kindly, especially when it comes to the boxers. Help each spectator to pause and think about how their acting reflects their mission as a follower of Christ. May each fan always have fun at the boxing match and glorify You in the process! In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer Before A Boxing Match

Lord, please give each boxer, coach, and referee what they need to perform well during this boxing match. I don’t even know exactly what they need, but you know the desires of their hearts. You know what they need before they need it. Help them to give ultimate trust and surrender to you in their abilities.

Each boxer has worked hard. Please help them to leave it all in the ring. Let the winner be humble and gracious. Give the loser the strength to be respectful and kind to everyone involved in the match. Ultimately, let this match be a witness to the gifts that you have given to everyone involved. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer During A Boxing Match

Dear God, I need you in this moment. I’m struggling. I need to focus. I need your wisdom on how to defeat my opponent. I’m prepared for this fight. I’ve worked hard in practice. Help me to trust in my training and perform well today. Give me the courage to leave it all on the nat. Help me to fight to the best of my ability.

Help me to stay focused and agile. Help me to persevere when I’m wearing and in pain. I need Your strength. I need every ounce of energy my body has to give. Help me to finish this fight well and glorify You in the process. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Safety During A Boxing Match

Lord, boxing is such a physically demanding sport. It’s so dangerous and I worry for all the fighters and referees. Pray you protect the bodies and minds of all those participating in boxing matches. If anyone is to get hurt, please heal them quickly.

If someone gets seriously injured please heal their body, mind, and spirit. A long recovery can take a toll on someone physically and emotionally. May all injured boxers keep these words from Scripture on their lips, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6, NIV). In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For The Losing Boxer

Lord, I come to you tired and weary. I lost. I’m frustrated. I’ve been working so hard and fell short yet again. I truly thought I could win this match. Help me to remember the words from Scripture, “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;” (Romans 5:3, NIV).

Losing draws me closer to You. It’s strange, but I know I can’t triumph in everything. “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance” (James 1: 2-3, NIV).

You give me these experiences so that I can grow as a fighter and disciple. You are forming me into someone who knows how to glorify you in good times and bad. Losing is hard. It’s draining and makes me exhausted. However, it makes me rely more on You. You give me the strength to get up again and keep trying harder.

Please help me to be a witness of faith in the midst of losing. May the other boxers be drawn closer to You through me. Give me the courage to talk to other boxers about my joy in You despite my loss. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For The Winning Boxer

“The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad (Psalm 118:24, NIV). Thank you, God, for helping me pull out the win. I can do nothing without You so this couldn’t have happened without you! You helped me when I couldn’t do it on my own.

Help me to remember this joy. Help me to keep grinding and working hard so that I can continue to succeed and glorify you each time I fight. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Son/Daughter To Box Well During A Boxing Match

Good and gracious God, my (son/daughter) has a boxing match coming up. I know (he/she) is very nervous about it, but (he/she) has no reason to be. (He/She) has prepared well and always gives (his/her) best. Help (name) to have peace in whatever the outcome of the game is.

I know (Name) has big plans when it comes to (his/her) boxing career. If it is your will help (Name) to achieve (his/her) goals. If it is not your will, please be a place of comfort (Name).

I pray (Name) does (his/her) best in each practice and match. May (Name) have focus and strength during each match. Ultimately, just help them to have fun and glorify you. Give me the wisdom to say the right thing to encourage my (son/daughter) in the process. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you’re a fighter, a coach, a referee, or a spectator you should always enjoy boxing matches! The Lord has given us entertainment for our good. Always make sure to keep the Divine perspective in mind. 

If you or someone you love is participating in a boxing match soon, be sure to seek the Lord for protection, strength, and wisdom. The Lord wants you to follow Your passions, but always make sure to keep Him at the forefront of your mind through it all! Everything you do every day is an opportunity to glorify Him!