8 Hopeful Prayers For My Child With ADHD

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Emma

Does your child have ADHD?  Would you like to pray for your child but need some help to get started?

We invite you to use these eight hopeful prayers for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Each prayer touches on a certain circumstance that a parent of a child with ADHD may come up against.  You are welcome to modify any of the prayers to more specifically fit your situation.

You may also want to explore prayers for anxiety, or prayers for finding a counselor.  You have arrived at this website not by accident.  You are here and these prayers can help you in your relationship with God and your relationship with your child.

Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him” (Psalm 127.3,NIV).

All children will try their parents’ patience at times, and children with ADHD may push it a bit further due to their energy and how their brains work.  But every child is a gift to us as parents, and a child with ADHD can open up wonderful insights for us as we accept them as they are and treasure them.

One of my children has ADHD and the other one does not. So, I had to learn to parent them differently, respecting how God created them as they are, with unique gifts and talents, and ways of functioning. What worked with one wouldn’t work with the other.

I learned about neurodiversity. I learned about how stimulant medications actually help children with ADHD be able to focus and concentrate, and not rev them up as you would expect. I learned that my child has a wonderfully creative brain that sees the world from a different angle than I do.

My child with ADHD gave me the additional gift of seeing the world in new ways, ways I would never access with my regular brain.  I share all this to encourage you to see the ADHD your child has not as a problem to do away with or get rid of, but rather as a gift to manage and focus on positive outcomes.

As you pray these prayers, allow yourself to be open to God and to what God may want to show you through your child with ADHD.  We encourage you to share your requests and comments in the section at the end of this article.

Short Prayer For ADHD Children

Dear Lord, I pray for my own child with ADHD, as well as all the many other children out there with this diagnosis. I pray for their brains to grasp that their parents care about them, even when the parents don’t fully understand ADHD. I pray for good doctors and good medicine and good support systems for these children. I ask this all through the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer For My Child’s ADHD Diagnosis

Dear Lord, I am having two different waves of emotions right now. We’ve come from the doctor’s office and she gave us the news we have been searching for over the last several months.

She said my child officially is diagnosed with ADHD.  In one breath I am relieved to know what is going on with my child. And with another breath, I am anxious and worried about how to parent my child since she thinks differently than others.  I don’t know what to do other than love her as I always have.

The doctor told me that I’m going to have to handle her differently because her brain works in ways that I may not understand at first.  My doctor told me to think of ADHD as a plus, not a minus.  I need your strength, Lord, to move forward

I don’t want my daughter to feel like she is “less” because she has ADHD.  I want her to see herself as confident and able.  I’m praying to you because I cannot do this on my own strength.  Help me to learn and lift up my child.  I pray all of this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer For My ADHD Child In Elementary School

Lord God, I pray for my son who is entering elementary school this fall.  I pray for his teachers to understand how to handle children with ADHD.  I have all the doctor’s letters and documentation I need, but I am asking you to help them see my child as a blessing, not a problem to manage.

I pray for them to give him the freedom to learn as his brain needs, and not try to force a “square peg into a round hole” type of deal.  I don’t want him to be harmed educationally just because his brain works differently than everybody else’s.

I pray about this, asking for a favor in the coming months as I meet with people at his new school.  In the name of Jesus, I pray and hope, Amen.

Prayer For My ADHD Child In Middle School

Father God, I am nervous about my daughter entering middle school. She has done so well managing school with her ADHD, but now it’s a change to a new place, new teachers, and lots of new students to be around.

I remember enough about middle school to know that it can be tough for any student.  Everyone is hitting puberty and trying to discover who they really are.  I know that anyone who is considered “different” can get picked on.

I don’t want my daughter to get bullied. I pray for her to find a group of friends who are supportive and understanding.  I pray for her teachers to encourage her diverse way of processing and problem-solving. I pray for her to have a good experience in middle school. I pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer For My ADHD Child In High School

Dear God, thank you for how you have helped my child grow these last few years, both physically and emotionally. I feel she is in a much better spot now that she is entering high school.

I pray for her to use the mental tools she has learned to help her with a new type of schoolwork and flow. I pray for her to continue to practice her social skills daily as she meets new people in high school.  I continue to pray that she does not get bullied for acting and thinking differently.

I pray that she grows in her confidence and I ask, again, for teachers to see her creativity as a possibility, not a problem.  I make this prayer with hope in the Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer For My ADHD Child In College

Lord God, I thought I was ready for this but I don’t think I am. My baby is headed off to college in a couple of months.  He has done so well in learning how to function with his ADHD, and taking his medications properly.

But soon, he’s going to not be in my house.  He’s going to be living on his own in the dorm and be far away from me.  He’ll have no one to remind him of things and make sure he’s getting things done.  I know this has to happen but I don’t want him to fall apart in his progress once he’s in college.

I need you to help me trust him and trust you through all of this.  I don’t want to load him down with expectations or burden him with my worries.  I just want him to have a smooth transition to this new part of life.  I pray that all of the learning and tools he has acquired thus far will help him manage his ADHD in college.

I pray this prayer, giving you my son to carry in your hands, O Lord, through the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer For My ADHD Child At Their Job

Father in heaven, I give you thanks for my daughter finding a part-time job over the summer. This will help her save up some money before she heads to the university. 

I pray for her boss to understand her ADHD. My daughter knows enough now to know that she has to take responsibility for explaining how her brain works to people. I’m proud of her for how she’s grown to be able to communicate clearly and patiently.

I pray that she will do what she needs to do to focus on her work and give herself downtime to release any stress and anxiety that has built up. I give you thanks, God, for this opportunity for her.  In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

Prayer For My ADHD Child In Relationships

Lord God, I pray for my child with ADHD. I pray that he will find someone he can be in a relationship with who understands him and accepts him for who he is. While he has had dates with girls from time to time, it seems none of them could really deal with his outlook and the way he thinks.

He won’t admit it out loud really, but I know it bothers him. I don’t want this to isolate him any further. Help him in his own acceptance of himself and in his confidence.  I pray for him to find someone who can be a friend first.  I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Final Thoughts

Often children with ADHD can be shuttled off to the side because people don’t want to take the time to understand the magnificent way ADHD brains think and function.  All people see is the agitation and moving around, or the asking of questions no one else is asking.

As their parent, our job is to support them, understand them, and help them understand themselves.  It can be quite a creative adventure for us both, but well worth the time and mind expansion.

“All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace” (Isaiah 54.13, NIV).

Ultimately, we rely on God to help us parent our children, whether they have ADHD or not.  The more we rely on God, the more confidence and peace we should have.  And, as we pray for our children, we grow in our trust in God and in our acceptance of our children as gifts of blessing and peace in our lives.