5 Prayers For a Lost Dog

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Are you frantic because your dog is lost?  Are you worried because a lost dog has not come home yet or cannot be found?

You may wonder if you can pray to God about such a concern.  You might wonder if the Bible has any comforting verses regarding dogs.  Mostly, though, you just want your dog to be back with you and your family!

The Bible does not have much to say about pets in general, or dogs specifically.  It is important to know that back in ancient times, dogs were not viewed as pets, fur babies, companions, or part of the family.  So, if you were to search the scriptures for verses about dogs, you would find nearly all of them refer to dogs in a negative sense.

However, in one particular story that Jesus told, you can find a positive reference to dogs.  If you are not paying attention to the story, you might just miss it.  Jesus tells a parable about a man named Lazarus who was not being treated well by a rich man.  For our purposes, the focus verse is:

There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. 20 At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores 21 and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores” (Luke 16.19-21, NIV).

Did you see it?  The dogs came to Lazarus.  These would have been guard dogs.  They would have been given the leftovers of the sumptuous meals of the rich man, but not even Lazarus got that!  They express compassion on Lazarus, coming to lick his sores, which dogs do for themselves.

If you have a dog, you know they express their affection for you when they lick, or try to give you “puppy dog kisses.”   Did you also know that dog saliva contains endogenous peptide antibiotics, which facilitate healing?

As guard dogs, they would have been aggressive toward any strangers in their territory, but instead, they express compassion towards Lazarus even though the human, the rich man, does not, and can’t even be bothered.  It is this trait, the love that dogs give to us today in our context, that makes losing a dog so hard to handle.

The four prayers below are for you to pray as you try to find your dog.  They serve as a way to get you to start praying about finding your dog.  You can change the details of any of the prayers here so that the prayer is specific to what you are facing right now.

God hears all of our prayers and cares about anything and everything we bring to him in prayer.  No aspect of your life is too small or too big for God to hear or to handle.  Allow God’s Spirit to surround you and your family and bring calmness to you as you pray.

A Short Prayer For a Lost Dog

Dear God, my dog is lost and I cannot find him anywhere.  I have been looking for the last hour and there’s no sign of him.  I’ve called my friends to help and they are searching as well.  Help us find (name of dog).  He is really important to me and I don’t want anything bad to have happened to him.  Either help him find his way back home, or guide us to where he is, I don’t care–I just want to find him.  I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer For a Dog To Be Found

Dear Jesus, our dog escaped the fenced yard this afternoon and has run off.  We were inside so we didn’t notice she was gone for ten to fifteen minutes, so she had quite a head start.

This is not the first time this has happened, which is why we put barriers around the fence so she couldn’t dig underneath like she did last time.  It appears she climbed over and jumped.  Please help us discover where she has gone so we can bring her back home.

She is a part of our family, even if she is just a dog.   We miss her and are very worried that something bad has happened to her, the longer this search takes.  We’re going to look at what we think are her favorite places and hopefully that will do it.  I pray for our search to be successful and that you keep (dog’s name) safe until we get to her.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Prayer For a Dog To Come Home

Lord, (dog’s name) took off again while we were down at the creek.  I didn’t put him on a leash because I didn’t think he’d take off this time since we were all down there as a family.  He likes being around us usually stays close but I think he caught the scent of some other animal and, well, he’s a dog, so he acted on his natural instinct.

We called for him but he was gone quickly.  I pray that he comes home soon.  I pray that whatever animal he was chasing wasn’t bigger than him and hurt him.  I pray he gives up the chase and realizes his “pack,” his family is back here.  I pray he’s okay.

We’re going to continue walking the creek bank and calling his name until it gets too dark. I’d like to find him before then. Please guide him to us, or us to him so we don’t get more worried than we already are.  I ask for all these requests in the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer For A Lost Dog To Not Be Harmed

God, can you protect my dog?  Can I pray to you about my lost dog and not feel awkward about it?  There’s so much you probably need to watch over, but I believe you want us to pray and bring you our concerns and burdens.  Right now, my missing dog is causing me great stress and anxiety.

I don’t want her to be harmed.  I don’t know where she has gone but I know how she got out.  I’ll have to deal with the gap in the fence at a later time though because at the moment all I care about is finding her.

Thank you to my neighbours who are helping me look for her.  I so appreciate them giving up some of their time to help me.  Please keep (dog’s name) from harm.  Do not let her get hit by a car or run over by a truck or hurt by another animal.  Please keep her safe until we can find her.

I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose my little furry companion, Lord.  Help be calm in your presence.  I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Concluding Thoughts

In this day and time, our pets are regarded as part of our family.  They provide us with companionship.  They listen to whatever we have to say without judgment.  Dogs in particular give us so much unconditional love and acceptance, don’t they?

When we bring a dog into our situation, whether we are single or a part of a family, the dynamics change.  We have this animal that we care about now in our life.  We have to take care of this dog and we grow attached to it. Whether they need surgery or simply fresh water, they depend on us, and in a way, we depend on them. And when they pass it hurts as deeply.

Even the wise author in Proverbs noted that is it good and right and true to care for animals:

The righteous care for the needs of their animals” (Proverbs 12.10, NIV)

The needs of the animals in our lives, in this case, a dog, are many.  We have to make sure they are fed and watered and have all the proper shots.  We want to be certain they get enough exercise and are socialized to our family and living arrangements.  In short, we have a responsibility to care for and love this dog.

And the dog gives that love back to us, doesn’t it?  Greeting you with yips and barks and wagging tail and jumping up and down when you arrive back at home brings a smile to your face.  Having your dog sit by your side (or on your lap) as you stroke her fur brings comfort and peace.  Or maybe you get a kick out of seeing what he investigates on his daily walk through the neighbourhood.

The involvement of your dog in your life, and your connection to your pet is why you are anxious nervous concerned and worried now that he has gone missing.  You know all that would be missing from your life if your pet was no longer here.

So, take a breath and take a few moments to centre on God, your Source of Peace.  Pause for a couple of minutes and connect with God through prayer so you can know and feel like you are not carrying this burden all by yourself.  Allow God to be the Great Helper to you.

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