5 Protective Prayers For A Marine

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Are you the parent, family, or friend of a Marine? How do you keep them in prayer?

My brother was a member of that cadre of “brothers in arms”. To hear him speak all these years later, he was proud to serve side by side with this brave group of young men. His memories of being with those who served in the Marines are still strong and sweet for him after all these years.

The Marines have increased their ranks with brave young women as well. They all share in a coveted “esprit de corps” that few can really appreciate. But these young people have joined together to serve in the protection and well-being of our nation. Whether they are on a foreign battlefield or helping in times of a limited crisis, these American service personnel are giving their all for this country.

So how can we as parents family members, and even friends, pray for the care and safety of all those who serve in the United States Marine Corps?

Scripture is replete with stories and lessons about the soldier. Many of the passages that speak of God giving comfort and protection are very appropriate for those who serve in the Marines. Isaiah 41:10 gives a bold declaration that the Lord on his watch cares for his children and is perfect for a service member. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

God gives a clear proclamation that He will uplift those who are in trials and possible harm’s way. Just like God’s own Words will encourage those in the Marines, so will seeking the Lord through prayer offer extra spiritual “manna” to those who are the “few and proud” in uniform.

Prayer From A Parent For Their Marine Son or Daughter in Boot Camp

O Lord, our child (name) is on their way to the first stop in their time as a Marine. They will be heading to boot camp and will be facing situations that they have never been in before.

Please watch over (name) as they begin this new chapter of their adult life. They will be going out every day early and disciplining their mind and body for the stresses that will surely come their way. Please grant them an extra portion of grace for endurance and building confidence.

My child has never been placed into an environment quite like this one God. (Name) has always been protected and had their needs met by myself and their (other parent). We still see them as little ones who need us to meet their every need, yet we know that it has been you who has provided for all that was necessary for their life.

(Name) is now facing a way of life that is foreign to them, and to be honest to us as well. Help them to be willing to learn all that is shown, to practice all that is offered up, and to judge with wisdom all that is demonstrated.

We can’t be there, but you Lord God ARE there in every aspect of what they will face and participate in. May you look after their morals to stay strong and their hearts to be kept pure around the words that will be spoken and the possible temptations that might be presented.

We know you are real to us and to (name). May your grace be sufficient and abundant for our child now in the Marines. For we ask all of this in your name. Amen!

Prayer From A Parent For Their Child Facing Deployment As A Marine

Heavenly Father, you are good and just and love. Your Holy name is without comparison throughout creation. We praise you for your goodness and care for our child serving as a Marine.

We just received news from (child’s name) that they are being deployed to (name of location). This surprised us, yet we knew it would happen eventually. Our prayer until now has been that you help us to be prepared for wherever (child’s name). Is sent off to.

Now we know where and when they will be leaving and now we are coming on bended knees for blessing and protection. (Child’s name) will be heading out and deployed for some time in this new location.

(Location if known) is a different culture than the one they are used to. Please help them to see through YOUR eyes the ungodliness that may be present. Keep them safe from anything that could affect their testimony and personal choices.

May the training they have received up until now come to memory when the need arises and have the courage that will be required if any danger presents itself. Bravery is what we know they exhibit, but help temper it with prudence. God may they be a living testimony to those around and may (child’s name) have the opportunity to share his faith. Especially if that light of the gospel can reach someone hurting and in need at this time.

Bless our children and keep a hedge of protection around them. For we ask this through the shed blood of Jesus’s name. Amen!

Prayer For A Friend In The Marines

My precious God. My friend has joined the Marines and I am seeking your watch care for them. (Name) has been my friend for a long time and we grew up doing so much together.

Lord, I am not surprised that they joined the Marines because of the type of person (he/she) is. Patriotism has always been a quality my friend exhibited and helping others was never a choice for them. (Name) simply did what needed to be done when the situation came up.

My friend will be the one to jump into the fray, so I ask God your armor of protection will watch over (name). They say everyone has a guardian angel and I hope (his/her) is ready to be up and going because I know that my friend will be up and going at a moment’s notice.

Father, give them grace to know when to respond rather than react. Please keep them calm when their nerves may be on edge and comfort if they witness a tragic moment. Help them to know when to be a leader and when to be a follower.

It’s in your Holy name I pray. Amen!

Prayer From A Spouse or Sweetheart for a Marine

O My Father. I seek you out for my loved one in the Marines. (Name) is serving today and I ask you to protect them as they are away from me for the next (amount of time).

It feels like our last time together was hardly any time at all. We laughed and we cried and we simply enjoyed being together.

(Name) is my everything and I need to have peace from you right now that they are safe and will continue to be. The song that spoke of a girl asking her soldier boy to not be a hero is not the way of my (name). They were always the ones to have the back of anyone in trouble or to make sure loved ones were protected.

I look forward to the next time I can speak with them and to just KNOW that they are safe and in your arms of comfort. I know (name) misses me too, so please give calmness to their heart and not worry about me right now.

Lord I love you, I know they love you and we seek your canopy of well-being for my darling. In your Son’s precious name, I pray for all of this. Amen!

Short Prayer From Anyone For General Safety For A Marine

God! (Name) is now a United States Marine. How proud we are of their decision to go and serve their country.

(Name) has always been one to look out for others and to stand their ground when the need was there., So it is no surprise that they enlisted to serve as a Marine.

So I am asking that you look over this special person to me and so many others.

Lord may you keep them strong in you, be a witness of your many mercies, and place a hedge of protection around them.

Thank you for your love and goodness. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen!

Concluding Thoughts

All of our young men and women in all branches of the military need to have our prayers. But if you specifically know someone in the Marines, my hope is that this will give you some ideas of how to pray for them.

Maybe you know a prayer that should be added to this group, please feel free to share it below in the comments.

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